Amare Demissie from Ethiopia
I have been training on Agribusiness. I gained skill and knowledge on developing projects on agribusiness. Since I took the training, I delivered same training to our staffs working on Agriculture sector. Currently, we are preparing development project on agribusiness particularly on promoting...
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Sri Lanka
Kahawaththage Niroshana Chaminda from Sri Lanka
The learning has been embracing in different training programs and projects in order to enhance gender related concepts in particularly at local government decision making level.
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Maria Fernanda Pérez from Ecuador
When I took the course I was working on a high-level government institution, and that help me to provide observations in many projects to be more gender inclusive.
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Nino Sukhiashvili from Georgia
I am conducting the trainings for employees of local self government as well as for students and youth on gender equality issues based on knowledge and experience gained through training course I have attended in Haifa by the support of MASHAV.
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Aurobindo Ogra from South Africa
As a lecturer, learning was used to impart knowledge among new learners (new students each year) as part of the undergraduate and postgraduate programme.
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Venera Zakirova from Russia
Thanks for the opportunity in Mashav. I am Gender Specilaist at UNICEF. Skills gained during the training is being implemented at my work.
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Luric Camaño from Panama
“After the Course, together with my colleagues, I was able to conduct a training for preschool teachers in the topic of evaluating the development of children between 4 - 6 year old encouraged by the experience offered by the course. In addition, we have carried out programs based on tutors of...
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Claudia Cuyún from Guatemala
Upon her return to Guatemala, Claudia, MCTC’s alumni who took a course on “Innovations in Women’s Health”, shared what she learned in several mediums through giving multiple interviews for popular television and radio stations in Guatemala. Furthermore, she conducted several training activities...
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Charity Batuure from Ghana
“ I have applied the training of trainers skills to trainings held for district assembly elections in building capacities of women aspirants for elections.”
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Mshinwa Edith Banzi from Tanzania
A Program Officer in local NGO. I have used practical skills I got from MASHAV for training children and youth on different ways of farming, drip irrigation methods by using recycled material, recycling of bottles, and tyre.
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Svetlana Tešić from Serbia
Svetlana, a Co-Founder of the Female Organization for Economic Empowerment in Serbia took MCTC’s course on “Political Empowerment of Women” in 2018. In October 2018, she organized the second Women Leadership Summit in Serbia. She notes “the knowledge I acquired at MCTC was crucial for the...
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Harshitha Venkatesh from India
“I have conducted a round table with civic leaders and the Counsel General of South India after I came back from the program. I have started a project to help civic leaders to contest elections.”
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Charles Régine from Haiti
“Following MCTC course, I was recruited as a "Binational Program Officer" by an international NGO working in the field of human rights. It must be said that this course has undoubtedly potentiated my abilities and give me more confidence as a woman to stand for myself, in a country like...
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Carmen Rodríguez Marín from Colombia
After the course, Carmen, who works for municipality were able to develop a care model for children in part-time and full-time nursery education. She also set measurement for the attention and reception of complaints about the alleged violations of the rights of children and adolescents that are...
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Huy Dang from Vietnam
I have been able to apply the knowledge to my second startup, and for sure my third incoming startup. Also, i felt very energetic in transferring the knowledge to my students at the university via student startup programs. Also, all the experience and practical knowledge I have learned at Mashav...
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