Early Childhood Education and Development ‎

Early childhood education includes all forms of education, both formal and informal, provided ‎to young children. Educators role consists of fostering the physical, cognitive, emotional, and ‎social development of a child. MCTC course participants will learn tools and techniques that ‎help them create a well-rounded curriculum that supports all areas of development. ‎‎

Course List

1.Development of Children: Social-Emotional Support and Wellbeing

2.Early Childhood Education for Children with Special Needs

3.Psychosocial Care, Support, Education, and Protection of Children and Adolescents Infected and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS

4.Innovative Approaches to Early Childhood Education

5.Children with Disabilities

6.Children at Risk – Early Detection and Intervention

7.Children with Different Abilities

8.An Integrative Approach to Early Childhood Development and Education

9.Early Childhood Education, with an Emphasis on Science, Technology, and the Environment

10.Planning the Daily Schedule and the Learning Environment in the Kindergarten