Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development and Children with Disabilities


Ways to help close gaps and achieve greater equality in education are being sought worldwide. Educational facilities are increasingly offering a range of services that include special education within the general framework. Integration of children with special needs into the general education environment is known to reduce social stigmas and increase academic achievements for many children with special needs. In this course, we refer specifically to children under the age of 6 with special needs. We discuss the different frameworks available and what is most appropriate for the child: integration and inclusion in regular kindergartens or attention to special education. The issue of integration and inclusion in regular educational frameworks is debated in all countries, as much because of its advantages as because of its disadvantages. The Israeli population consists of families from many different countries whose cultural norms and values regarding childcare are varied. To answer the pluralism that exists in Israel, a wide range of programs and projects have been created that provide valuable material for analysis and comparison for children with special needs. Israel encourages and supports ongoing research in education for children with special needs and has created a range of services to answer these children's needs. In this intensive 3 week workshop, participants experience multi-purpose programs, learn about different educational frameworks and visit different programs and projects aimed at supporting children with special needs and their families. Participants will learn about techniques and skills used in educational facilities for children with special needs including cognitive, physical, emotional and developmental needs. Participants will also see the situation from different angles so they can create opportunities to improve the situation in their own settings and create an inclusive learning environment for all children, including those with special needs.