Training Workshop for Coaches Business Labs Focused on Innovation in cooperation with YABT

May 7th – 11th

El Salvador Aimed at strengthening social development, competitiveness and regional integration in El Salvador, between the 14th to the 16th of May 2018 a workshop on setting up innovative and sustainable businesses was held at the premises of the Technological University of El Salvador in the city of San Salvador. This workshop, which is part of the framework of cooperation between the Young America Business Trust (YABT) and MASHAV, was conducted by two Israeli instructors, Eial Sergio Bluer and Guillermo Levinton, on behalf of the MASHAV Carmel Training Center (MCTC). 41 (16 female / 25 male) participants attended the workshop. These consisted of technical officers (working in diverse governmental institutions and MSME support agencies), NGOs dealing with small business support and development, business consultants, university faculty members and some entrepreneurs.

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