Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies in Business

Date: November 2020


The primary objective of this program is to give participants the skills and knowledge they need to understand and function in marketing. This program will emphasize the topics of branding, client oriented marketing, digital culture and marketing, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, advertising and strategic marketing integrated with the topics of ethics and social responsibility as they relate to marketing. All this will be integrated with digital marketing concepts allowing participants to focus on the continuous marketing and renewal processes. This program will enable participants to understand the fundamentals of marketing concepts and the role marketing plays in business.

This program will allow participants to understand the ‘Marketing mix’ elements and the strategies and principles underlying the different marketing practices. Online activities including lectures, discussions and case studies will be designed to encourage participants to get involved, absorb and assimilate inputs. These activities will also be supplemented by group discussions, cooperative group solving problems, live projects, and analysis of marketing cases.


This program is targeted for business consultants, trainers and mentors representing governmental institutions, agencies and NGOs involved in the development and support of small business development. Candidates must have at least five years of experience in related disciplines. Full command of the English language is required. Participants will need access to all the technology needed for a webinar (computer, video, microphone, speakers, and a stable internet connection) as well as have 2 free hours a session to participate as the course is very interactive and participants will be expected to participate fully in every task. A convenient, quiet and adequate working environment is highly important.


Application forms can be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission. Please contact the Israeli Embassy in your country for more information. Completed application forms should be sent to the relevant Israeli mission in the respective country by the 16.10.2020