Social Entrepreneurship

Regional Cooperation Greece and Cyprus: Innovative Entrepreneurship for Early Stage Startups

8th – 17th December, 2019

About the Course

As part of the growing regional cooperation between Israel-Cyprus and Greece and acknowledging the great importance of cooperation in the field of innovation; high technology and entrepreneurship – we are happy to initiate this course on the topic of- Social Entrepreneurship: Transforming an Idea to a Business.


This seminar will provide participants with skills and knowledge on how to build a platform that supports entrepreneurs in their early stages, and will give practical tools on how to develop a roadmap for success and building a community. Training Modules are;

•Supporting Start-ups in paving a way to success (Scale Up)

•Introduction to Business Accelerators and Business Incubators

•Ecosystem and community development (building a network of partners and investors)

Application Requirements

The Course is designed for womenand men alike, focusing mainly on entrepreneurs and start up owners. Aspecial Consideration will be given to Managers of accelerators and otherentrepreneurial SME support agencies, private sector support systems forentrepreneurs and NGOs dealing with small business support and development ofentrepreneurs in their communities. Candidates should hold an academic degreein related disciplines, and have at least five years of professional workexperience in related fields. A full command of English is required.