The Innovation Ecosystem in Israel - Delegation from the Philippines

With over 6,000 start-ups, and 1,000 new start-ups launched every year in Israel, it is only natural to address the issue of innovations for startups and expose participants to the uniqueness of Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Israel as a leader in the entrepreneurial world, combines innovation with technology, education and academia with a diverse population. Innovation creates valuable ideas and entrepreneurship capitalizes on those ideas and gives them life.

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Open Innovation and Intellectual Property

This course aimed to provide access to tools, methodologies, processes, and global best practices, which allow the adoption of new strategies related to the design, planning, and management of innovation for the development of new products and services in organizations and companies with international projections.

Furthermore, improving the skills and knowledge of professionals in the field of intellectual property who deal with innovation policy and IP (Intellectual Property) strategies.

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Mental Health for Youth and Psychological Support Systems

In Cooperation with UNICEF Serbia.

The recent mapping conducted by UNICEF and the Ministry of Health in Serbia discovered that there is a need to develop and implement innovative mental health services and especially for the category of young people aged 7-19. Innovative services should be tailor made for young people according their age, gender and diagnosis, aiming to strengthen the accessibility of mental health services, trust, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

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The Innovation Ecosystem In Israel - Delegation from Uzbekistan

This tailor made program was created following the request of Ministry of Innovation and Development Uzbekistan to Israeli Embassy in Tashkent.
The main goal of the visit was learn and implement Israeli knowledge and practice of innovation ecosystem in Uzbekistan.

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Innovation and Social Entrepeneurship - Moroccan Delegation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential elements of a successful business strategy. By adopting innovative techniques, ideas and strategies, companies can remain competitive, create employment opportunities and stimulate the growth of their organization. By creatively solving problems and committing to taking risks, industries can create lasting success in an ever-changing economic world. The State of Israel is known for its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship leading an ecosystem rich in innovative technology and services.

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