Combating Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) remains one of the major obstacles to achieve fundamental human rights worldwide. All types of violence - physical, sexual, psychological and economic - affect people of all origins and social backgrounds, yet most of the GBV victims are women, especially in times of crisis. Despite international, regional, and national efforts to prevent and combat violence, and despite countries’ commitments to punish and eradicate this phenomena, violence against women still exists and persists.
Along with prevention and intervention models of combating violence, a survivor-centered approach is needed to empower those who experienced violence of any kind.
Proper, effective and accessible psychosocial support mechanism for survivors of GBV is crucial for their health, rehabilitation and ability to cope with long lasting consequences of trauma.
This two-week course will allow participants to learn and share the best practices in the areas of service provision, intervention, and support for survivors of gender based violence.

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  • Location: Courses in Israel