Professional Skills

Professional Skills Development for Women Empowerment

Date: August 10 - 25

Place: Côte d'ivoire

In cooperation with Israeli embassy in Côte d'ivoire

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Resilience in Times of Crisis

Finding your Resilience in Times of Crisis – A Practical Approach for Entrepreneurs

Time and Date:  August - September


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Title: " Turismo en tiempos de COVID-19: De la masificación al distanciamiento social"

"Tourism in times of COVID-19: From overcrowding to social distancing” (Spanish)

Date and time: July 08 at 16:30 Israel time

Lecturer: Marcelo Firstman, Experto en Capacitación Turística (Tourism training expert)

About the lecture:

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Brand Management

Branding and Brand Management (English)

Lecturer: Yehuda Michael, Program Director, Entrepreneurship Development, MCTC

Date and time: July 15 at 13:00 Israel time

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Food Consuming in Israel: Behavior Patterns (Russian)

Time and Date: June 25 at 10:00

Katerina Rudenko gave a lecture to students enrolled at the Marketing Department of Agro Tavria University, Ukraine. The lecture focused on consumerism in israel. The lecture is initiated by MCTC's alumni Dariya Legeza. MCTC thanked Dariya Legeza for approaching us and for the success of the meeting.

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Use of ICTs

Use of ICTs for the Promotion and Implementation of Gender Equality In cooperation with UNECE

Применение ИКТ для внедрения гендерного аспекта и продвижения ЦУР 2030 в малом бизнесе

Time and Date: June 22 - July 02

Led by: Malinka Kopranova  and Lev Etin

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Finding Resilience

Finding your Resilience in Times of Crisis – A Practical Approach for Entrepreneurs

Time and Date: June 10 - July 01


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Digital Tools

Digital Tools for Online Trainers (English)

Lecturer: Elad Darmon, Owner at Digital Culture

Time and date: June 29 at 15:00 Israel time

The Lecture is designed to help companies and organizations transform digital perception of employees and managers in the organization, connecting them with digital culture.

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Industriales de Israel

Desarrollo del ecosistema emprendedor en tiempos de pandemia: Enfoque en parques industriales de Israel

Conferenciante: Lalo Vilensky

Date and time: Lunes 22 de junio, 2020 16:30 pm (hora de Israel)

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Resiliencia comunitaria

Title: Resiliencia comunitaria y recursos de servicios comunitarios en tiempos de crisis

Conferenciante: Horacio Kurland

Time and date: Martes 16 de junio, 2020 at 16:30 pm (hora de Israel)

Durante la charla se analizaran los distintos modelos que Israel adopta para la movilización comunitaria así como construir y manejar la resiliencia dentro de la comunidad.

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